Aruna's Reverie is a videogame that takes place In the land of Avanta, a place full of magic and dreams. Aruna and her friend Dedras begin a long journey to reveal the secrets of their lineage and the true meaning of friendship, love and loyalty.

In the land of Avanta, a place full of magic and dreams, Aruna begins a long journey to reveal the secrets of her lineage and the true meaning of friendship, love and loyalty.

The Dragon Princess


Aruna’s Reverie is an adventure game made for the CREA Digital 2016’s open call for Design Studios. Produced by The Game Gang Studios with headquarters in Cali, Colombia; the video game takes place in a medieval world. In this world, Avanta, the magic resides in every place and old secrets live buried under the sands of the past. Aruna is the daughter of the king Luxem III, the ruler of Avanta’s kingdom; a merciful and powerful man that lost his wife years ago due to a terrible illness. Despite this, he managed to raise Aruna as a brave and clever girl. In her 10th birthday she was surprised with a gift from her father, a glorious dragon’s egg. Luxem asked Aruna to take care of her new companion and raise it as he raised her as a noble and pure being. The years passed, Aruna and Dedras built a strong bond, almost like brother and sister. They passed their days playing and laughing for many hours, days seemed perfect and peaceful, until one day an accident happened.



While they were playing, Dedras jumped on Aruna and her unique physical memory of her mother, a necklace, fell from her and broke in a hundred of pieces. Aruna was blinded by rage and yelled to Dedras before she began to run into the Castle’s gardens. She ran so fast that lost sight of Dedras and in a blink of an eye she was in an unknown place of the gardens. Aruna was attracted by a statue of an old man, her grandfather Luxem II. She began to read a plate in the base of the statue when Dedras appeared running and collided with her, activating a secret passage beneath them, making them fall in the unknown and shadowy depths.

At this point, the journey of our 2 protagonists begin and with this, a wide amount of mysteries to unveil and many friends and foes to know. The game was a third person adventure game focused in the point and click system. The objective of the game was resolve a serie of puzzles moving through every stage and clicking hidden objects or clicking them in a  determined order. As the story advance, the player unlocks additional information about the world of Avanta and the characters that live in it.


Developing the Dream


My main role in the project was Unity Developer and UI/UX Designer. My job consisted in the major programming of the video game events using Unity 5.4.1 and the asset Adventure Creator. Such events consisted in: manage the characters behaviour, create interaction points to solve puzzles, set up the camera movements, create Quicktime Events, organize the narrative actions, among others. Also, I wrote some of the dialogues between the characters. The programming language used was C# and we used Git version control and Unity’s self version control too.

Due to the short time to finish the project (around 3 months), I needed to think dynamically and in a proactive way. So in the design process, I worked parallel to my teammates and started to do the programming with cubes and spheres which simulated the characters and environment elements. In this way, I could work as fast as I needed to. Also, the communication with all my teammates was fundamental because I was the responsible to make all the separate parts to work as a single element.   


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